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EZ PEDALS reinvents Arizona's transportation by providing cutting edge electric bikes to the average consumer. Shop, rent or lease without even breaking a sweat. Electric bikes do the grueling work for you while you peddle along. That steep incline is easy to tackle with the power of an electric bike, and best of all have some fun while you are at it. Here is what EZ PEDALS can do for you:

Rental locations throughout the valley provide speedy and aff ordable transportation. Never been on an electric bike? This is your chance to see what you have been missing while sitting in your gas guzzler or riding a standard bicycle.


Paving the way for a network of mobile guided group tours designed for: team building events, reunions, off -road enthusiasts, and numerous other special interest groups.


Seasonal leasing options are available to resorts and hotels looking to give their clientele the upper hand in getting around the valley.


Conveniently located retail stores near popular entertainment districts will soon be setting up shop in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe granting customers the ability to purchase a range of quality electric bicycles.

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